A typology is a system for dividing things into different types, especially in science and the social sciences. [FORMAL]

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  • Typology — is the study of types. More specifically, it may refer to:*Typology (anthropology), division of culture by races *Typology (archaeology), classification of things according to their characteristics *Typology (theology), in Christian theology the… …   Wikipedia

  • Typology — Ty*pol o*gy, n. [Type + logy.] 1. (Theol.) A discourse or treatise on types. [1913 Webster] 2. (Theol.) The doctrine of types. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • typology — 1845, from Gk. typos (see TYPE (Cf. type)) + OLOGY (Cf. ology) …   Etymology dictionary

  • typology — [tī päl′ə jē] n. [ TYPO + LOGY] 1. the study of types, symbols, or symbolism 2. symbolic meaning or representation; symbolism typological [tī΄pə läj′i kəl] adj …   English World dictionary

  • typology — typological /tuy peuh loj i keuhl/, typologic, adj. typologically, adv. typologist, n. /tuy pol euh jee/, n. 1. the doctrine or study of types or prefigurative symbols, esp. in scriptural literature. 2. a systematic classification or study of… …   Universalium

  • typology —    Not to be confused with typography, typology is the study or systematic ordering or classification of types as in kinds, not the types involving letter forms that have characteristics or traits in common. This is necessarily an interest of art …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • typology — /taɪˈpɒlədʒi/ (say tuy poluhjee) noun (plural typologies) 1. the doctrine or study of types or symbols, especially those of Scripture. 2. the study of types and classes, especially as in systematic classification. 3. Archaeology the study of the… …   Australian-English dictionary

  • typology — tipologija statusas T sritis Kūno kultūra ir sportas apibrėžtis Mokslas, tiriantis ir sisteminantis žmonių tipus pagal psichines ir fizines ypatybes, jų tarpusavio ryšius; mokslinio pažinimo metodas. kilmė gr. typos – atspaudas, pavyzdys + logos… …   Sporto terminų žodynas

  • typology — noun (plural gies) Date: 1845 1. a doctrine of theological types; especially one holding that things in Christian belief are prefigured or symbolized by things in the Old Testament 2. study of or analysis or classification based on types or… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • typology — noun a) The systematic classification of the types of something according to their common characteristics. b) The result of the classification of things according to their characteristics. See Also: type, typification …   Wiktionary

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